The Seven Bridges Coverage app

The Seven Bridges Coverage app has been developed to calculate the depth of exon coverage, given in a BED file with reads defined in a BAM file. The app is built on the 'coverageBed' function. It provides a report in the form of an interactive built-in visualization page. The Seven Bridges Coverage app summary report is available for all files with the extension.summary.

Click any file with the extension.summary to access its Seven Bridges Coverage summary report.

  • The depth of coverage is shown on the x-axis, and target region bases on the y-axis
  • The overall distribution of the target coverage is shown below the plot. To change the coverage threshold, use the top slider.
  • To scale the y-axis, use the slider on the right side of the plot.
  • The Birds-eye view is above the plot with the region currently viewed highlighted in red. To change the birds-eye view, drag the red view region along the x-axis.