Create a project

Before you can start analyzing your data, you need to create a project. There are two types of projects on the Platform, Open and Controlled Data Projects.

Controlled Data Projects protect Controlled Data by restricting access to users with dbGaP access permissions to Controlled Data.

To create a project:

  1. Click the Projects tab on the top navigation bar and select Create a project from the drop-down menu.

Create a project

  1. Name your project. Your project will be assigned a short name based on the name that you give it, which is used as an ID to refer to the project when using the API.
  1. Define the project type if you have Controlled Data access. If you don't have Controlled Data access, all your projects are Open Data Projects by default.
  2. Set general information:
    1. Set the billing group .
    2. Select the project location. The default location is AWS region us-east-1.
    3. (Optional) Change your spot instance preference. The default setting is On.
    4. (Optional) Enable Reuse (Memoization).
  3. Manage advanced settings:
    1. Network access - see Manage Network Access Controlv
    2. File download restriction - see Set file download restriction.
  4. Click Create to finish creating the project.