Data Studio analysis details

The analysis details page provides detailed information about files and settings in any Data Studio analysis. To access the page, follow these steps:

  1. In a project on BioData Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges, click the Data Studio tab.
  2. Click the name of the analysis whose details you want to see. The analysis details page opens.

On the analysis details page you can see two different types of information:

  • Files and file content preview
  • Analysis settings

Files and file content preview

The Files tab shows a list of files divided into the two categories, named Workspace and Outputs. Here is a more detailed explanation about both file categories:

  • Workspace: Once the analysis is stopped, all workspace content will automatically be saved and available for preview via this page. Making changes to your analysis workspace is possible only in your running session. Additionally, to make the files available for use in other executions within the project (outside of the analysis context), save them as outputs from your running session.

    • PREVIEW: When you click on a file that belongs to one of the supported file formats, you can preview the content in the pane on the right.
      • Smart preview is available for the following file formats: IPYNB, HTML, PDF, JPG, JPEG, SVG, PNG, GIF, MD.
      • Raw content preview is available for all other text file formats, for example RMD, R, PY, etc.
  • Outputs: This is where you can find links to the files produced by the analysis and explicitly saved as outputs - i.e. all files stored in the /sbgenomics/output-files folder before the analysis is stopped are marked as outputs and saved to Project Files.

Analysis settings

The Settings tab show the same analysis settings that are available during the initial creation of the analysis and a list of all available environments. The settings can be modified only if the analysis is not running.

  • Environment - The selected analysis editor (JupyterLab, RStudio or SAS Studio). This can't be changed once an analysis has been created.
  • Environment setup - The predefined setup of libraries for the selected editor. Learn more.
  • Instance type - The server instance on which the analysis will be executed.
  • Suspend time - The period of analysis inactivity after which the instance is stopped automatically. Learn more.