Client libraries

The BioData Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges API has allowed our users to automate, extend, and customize their analysis workflows.

Many users, including own engineers, have developed wrappers for the API calls in Python, R, and bash. This allowed them to leverage scripting to complete a spectrum of analyses, ranging from batch processing of more than 5000 tasks to adapting complex processing workflows based on intermediate results.

Seven Bridges maintains official bindings for the API in Python and R. There are four key advantages of these bindings:

  • It is easier to start using the API, with a minimal onboarding curve
  • The API can be used via professionally designed and maintained software
  • The bindings are available through the expected channels
  • Seven Bridges can provide more thorough support for official bindings than bespoke wrappers created by each user

Learn more about the Seven Bridges libraries for Python and R.