BioData Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges hosts 47 TOPMed studies which you can use in your genomics analyses and are organized into the following categories:

Heart disease

The following heart disease related studies are available:

Lung disease

The following lung disease related studies are available:

Blood disorder

The following blood disorder related studies are available:

Sleep disorder

The following sleep disorder related studies are available:

Metadata for studies on BioData Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges

Metadata is data about the genomic information carried by files. It is data about the time, place, and manner in which the genomic data was obtained as well as the genomic data's source and type. You can use metadata on the Platform to browse and query studies. Metadata describing studyon the Platform consist of properties which describe the entities of each study.

Entities are particular resources with UUIDs and IDs, such as files, subjects, samples, and cell lines. These can be the subject of your query.

Properties can either describe an entity or relate that entity to another entity. For instance, properties include an entity's sex, file type, or study disease.

You can view the metadata schema, which includes a list of entities and their related properties. Learn more below about how to start working with studies via their metadata on the visual interface.

Explore studies using the visual interface

The Data Browser allows you to explore studies using an interactive graphical interface. Start by building queries to filter data using various metadata attributes. Then, access these files for further analysis.

To access the Data Browser, click Data on the top navigation bar and select Data Browser. You'll see the screen below. Here, you can selec a study to query.


Take advantage of pre-built example queries or build your own from scratch using metadata entities and properties. Learn more about queries in the Data Browser.

Once you've located specific files using a Data Browser query, you can access this data for further analysis.