General commands


Use the following general commands via the Seven Bridges Command Line Interface.


Use this command to get help for the Seven Bridges Command Line Interface commands.

  sb [command]

Available Commands:
  apps         Manage apps on the Platform.
  automations  Manage automations on the Platform.
  billing      Obtain information about available billing groups.
  configure    Configure credentials to access your project on the Platform.
  download     Initiate file download.
  exports      Manage exports on the Platform.
  files        Manage files on the Platform.
  imports      Manage imports on the Platform.
  members      Manage project members on the Platform.
  projects     Manage projects on the Platform.
  tasks        Manage tasks on the Platform.
  troubleshoot Creates an archive file that can be sent to Seven Bridges support.
  upload       Upload the data securely and efficiently to the Seven Bridges Platform.
  version      Display the version of application currently used.
  volumes      Manage volumes on the Platform.
  whoami       Display information about the current user.

      --debug            Run the command with debug information in the output.
      --dryrun           Display output of a command without running it.
  -h, --help             help for sb
      --no-color         Turn on/off the color of the output.
      --output string    The formatting style for command output ("text", "json", "table"). (default "text")
      --profile string   Configuration profile to use from credentials file. (default "default")
      --quiet            Suppress chatty console output.


Using the sb troubleshoot command is an easy way to report a problem with the Seven Bridges Command Line Interface, with all relevant information included.

This command generates a debug file on a specific location (on your local machine), so that you can send it to the Seven Bridges Support Team ([email protected]) along with the description of the problem.

The location of the generated file is $HOME/.sevenbridges/sb/report.tar.gz and it will contain relevant information that should help Seven Bridges engineers identify the problem.


sb troubleshoot [flags]


  • h, --help - Help for the troubleshoot command
  • --speed-test - Test the upload speed.
 This command will generate a temporary file in the project you specify. User must have at least write privileges in the project specified by speed test command. The generated temporary file will be in the format upload_speed_test_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS. It will be automatically removed from the Platform destination after the command execution is completed.


This is a one-time operation that sets up user credentials for accessing a project on a specific environment. In order to access a project on the Platform, specify the environment and provide your corresponding authorization token.

  sb configure [flags]

  -h, --help   help for configure


This command returns information about the current user accessing the Seven Bridges Platform.

  sb whoami [flags]

  -h, --help   help for whoami


This command displays the version of the application currently used.

  sb version [flags]

  -h, --help   help for version