Genes-Environments and Admixture in Latino Asthmatics (GALA II) Study


The description below was taken directly from the NCBI database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP):

A case-control pharmacogenetic study of bronchodilator drug response among racially admixed Latino children with asthma. Each participant had two spirometry measurements using the KoKo PFT System. With the first spirometry test, participant was administered with 4 puffs of HFA Albuterol. The second albuterol measurement was based on age, for participants under 16 years of age, additional 2 puffs were administered and for those over 16 years of age, additional 4 puffs were administered. The overall goal is to identify genetic factors which are predictive of drug response in children with asthma. The principal tools include a questionnaire and biological specimen collection. Participants are 8-21 years old at time of recruitment. Children with asthma have physician-diagnosed asthma, symptoms and medications.

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  • phs001274 GALAII GWAS

General information

phs#Study abbreviationStudy typeParent phs#
phs001180GALA IICase-ControlN/A