Get details of a volume

This call returns details of the specified volume. The volume is referred to by its ID, which you can obtain by making the call to list all the volumes you've registered.{volume_id}


Example request

GET /storage/volumes/rfranklin/output HTTP/1.1
X-SBG-Auth-Token: 3259c50e1ac5426ea8f1273259740f75
curl  -s -H "X-SBG-Auth-Token: 6282d5e2121d43e7900e9d52b15845e7" -H "Content-type: application/json" -X GET ""

Header Fields

KeyDescription of value
Your authentication token.

Path parameters

KeyData type of valueDescription of value
StringThe volume that you want to query, which consists of username of the volume owner and volume name, for example rfranklin/output.


See a list of response codes that may be contained in the body of the response.

KeyData type of valueDescription of value
activeBooleanIf a volume is deactivated, this field will be set to false
idStringID of this volume, containing owner/name
nameStringName of the volume.
descriptionStringThe description of this volume.
serviceObjectThis object more closely describes the mapping of the volume to the cloud service where the data is stored.

See the service object section below for an explanation of its structure.
created_onStringThe date and time this volume was created.
modified_onStringThe date and time this volume was last modified.

The service object

KeyData type of valueDescription of value
typestringThe type of cloud service supported. Currently the only valid values are "s3" for Amazon Web Services and "gcs" for Google Cloud Storage.
access_modestringSignifies whether this volume should be used for read-write ("RW") or read-only ("RO") operations.

The access mode is consulted independently of the credentials granted to the CGC when the volume was created, so it is possible to use a read-write credentials to register both read-write and read-only volumes using it.

default: "RW"
prefixStringA service-specific prefix to prepend to all objects created in this volume. If the service supports folders, and this prefix includes them, the API will attempt to create any missing folders when it outputs a file.

default: ""

applies to type: s3 and gcs
StringThe name of the AWS S3 or GCS bucket you wish to register as a volume.

default: fors3 type and for gcs
StringCloud provider API endpoint to use when accessing this bucket.

For a list of AWS-supported endpoints, see AWS Regions and Endpoints.
credentialsObjectContains credentials for the underlying cloud provider.

For Amazon Web Services, these credentials depend on the type of AWS identity that is used to connect the volume, IAM role or IAM user.

AWS IAM user:

AWS IAM role:
external_id (optional, used if an External ID is defined as required in for the role in the AWS console)

For Google Cloud Storage, these credentials are:


applies to type: s3, if using an IAM user
StringAWS access key ID of the IAM user shared with the CGC to access this bucket.

applies to type: s3, if using an IAM user
StringAWS secret access key of the IAM user shared with the Platform to access this bucket.

applies to type: s3, if using an IAM role
StringOptional information that you can use in an IAM role trust policy to designate who can assume the role. Must be provided if it is configured in your role trust policy on AWS. More info.

applies to type: s3, if using an IAM role
StringThe ARN (Amazon Resource Name) for the role that you want to use to connect the volume.

applies to type: gcs
StringGoogle Cloud Storage user email.

applies to type: gcs
StringGoogle Cloud Storage private key.
propertiesObjectContains properties of specific service.

applies to type: s3
StringUse default AES256 server-side encryption or AWS KMS encryption when writing to this bucket.

Can be:
AES256 (default)

default: AES256

applies to type: s3
StringIf AWS KMS encryption is used, this should be set to the required KMS key. If not set and aws:kms is set as sse_algorithm, default KMS key is used.

Example response body

  "active": True,
  "description": "task outputs bucket",
  "id": "rfranklin/output",
  "service": {
    "type": "s3",
    "bucket": "sbg-test-output",
    "hostname": "",
    "access_key": "AKIAJRC7TPMRMEXAMPLE",
    "access_mode": "RW",
    "prefix": "",
    "sse_enabled": True,
    "created_time": "2016-06-29T11:13:10+02:00",
    "updated_time": "2016-06-29T12:15:10+02:00"